History & Literature

Encouraging creativity in history and literature in the writing of new material in prose, poetry or dramatic form – in non-fiction, creative non-fiction and fiction.


The aim of the Trust is to nurture innovative ideas and talent by helping groups and individuals through the steps necessary to bring ideas and skills through the development stages to worthwhile outcomes.

Emphasis in the provision of grants in the areas of history and literature creativity will always be on encouragement of the new and contribution to the community and literary and historical merit.

Projects should originate from within the Manawatū/Rangitikei region and show benefit to the region.

Grants can be applied for by anyone resident in, or closely connected to, that region.


The History & Literature projects that the Trust aims to encourage may include:

  • Books (fiction and non-fiction), plays, poetry collections; these can be in print or electronic format.
  • Developmental workshops or writing courses aimed at stimulating new ideas in literature and history. These would be organised outside mainstream educational channels, with the aim of helping local people develop relevant skills to bring ideas to fruition.

Grants may be considered for:

  • Equipment such as computers or voice recorders.
  • Research costs such as photocopying, travel, photographic reproduction and permissions.
  • Some oral history as part of the project.
  • Pre-publication costs, such as final preparation of material, editing and design.
  • Assistance with publication.
  • Assistance towards staging a performance or play.
  • Workshop and venue costs.

The grants are not intended to cover general living expenses, though a case may be made for short-term assistance (e.g. up to three months) to work on the completion of a project.

Applications will be considered from individuals and groups.

A detailed budget must be submitted with your application form and applicants are expected to outline a case for the use of the grant.

Previous winners

Past History & Literature projects funded by the Earle Trust:

  • The Kete Series of poetry books by three local poets.
  • A history of Centrepoint Theatre.
  • A history using street names as a lens onto the history of Feilding.
  • A history of the Palmerston North Municipal Baths.
  • A book about the process and benefits of keeping a journal.
  • A history of West End, Palmerston North.
  • A book about the adventures of Oroua Teamsters 1997-2004.
About the Trust

Established by Richard and Mary Earle, the Creativity and Development Trust, a registered charity under Public Trust and administered locally, helps fund specific local projects within the arts and technical sciences.

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